Who will be the democratic nominee to take on Trump and who do we wish it could be?


With the Democratic presidential primaries looming, who should be the Democratic Nominee? This is the question that our editors face this week.

This is a slightly unusual question compared to other Sunday debates. Our editors are asked to choose who they think is the best candidate from the vast list of potential presidential Democratic nominations.

Point of Information editors will be looking at a candidates charisma, policies and likelihood to win the nomination.

Most polls suggest that it will come down to Joe Biden verses Bernie Sanders, however, there are several candidates biting at their heels. These include, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kamala Harris and dark horse, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Joe Biden seems the most likely candidate to be tapped by the party to take on President Trump, although some worry that his all too familiar agenda can be seen as just a repeat of the Obama administration. Most candidates have targeted Biden in the debates in an attempt to undermine his presidential bid. After a shaky start to both his campaign and debates, his most recent appearances on national television have been impressive, especially when facing Kamala Harris’ attacks during the debates. Biden’s charismatic nature during these debates has appealed to voters as he has extended his lead over Bernie Sanders. But is he the best candidate or is he just riding the coat tails of Obama?

Written by Chief Liberal Editor, Max Anderson

As strong as kamala harris is, she is not getting AS MUCH traction as I hoped – A Liberal article

When Kamala Harris announced that she would be running as the first Africa-American women to run for the presidency, many expected her to be ‘a formidable challenger’. Although she still holds a strong position, catching up to Joe Biden is going to prove a very tough challenge.

Her ability to debate is fantastic, which no doubt has learnt from her years as a prosecutor. She is a skilled debater and came out strong following the first debate, impressing many followers. She and her fellow democrats have taken their chances to confront the front runner Joe Biden as he has ‘weathered a volley of attacks’.

The pressure from Harris’ donors has been huge. It is reported that her campaign backers have started to become impatient after she raised over $14 million from large individual contributors. She hasn’t been impressing in the polls either and has recently plummeted since her ‘breakout performance in the first debate this summer

Now she has turned her attention to Iowa and ‘plans to spend much of October there in a move to reverse her summer slump’ and I for one hope she can. Starting strong in Iowa in the first primary, could give the boost her campaign desperately needs and better her chances at winning, but this current slump is far from what she needs.

A candidate whose campaign is strong at the moment is Pete Buttigieg, who holds an impressive resume as ‘a gay mayor, Afghan War vet and millennial’. He is one of the strongest most well rounded candidates in this debate acting as an almost younger Joe Biden.

It is unfortunate that America still holds prehistoric judgment’s over one’s sexuality. If his sexuality is held against him in the results it will be utterly outrageous given the current day and age.

However, there are two pools that show that favour Buttigieg winning the entire election campaign. In a recent poll he overtook President Trump, gaining 47% of the vote compared to Trump’s 43% and held 14% of support in Iowa according to Selzer & co poll. This made him the fourth most popular candidate only 2% behind Bernie Sanders.

Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg are both strong candidates, who could easily end up winning the nomination. That being said, Kamala’s struggling campaign and America’s prejudice against Buttigieg may have major repercussions.

A man who has everything on his side at the moment is Joe Biden, This week his campaign really got going when he ‘delivered the kind of performance his supporters had been waiting for’. He rose in the polls across the country, moving further ahead of Sanders and Harris. With Obama’s team behind him, he just may prove too strong for other candidates to be taken down. However there is a long way to go, and all the candidates will continue to target Joe Biden and remove him from the race.

Written by Chief Liberal Editor, Max Anderson

Point of information

America’s prejudice’s may deny us the best candidates – a Labour response

Many of us hope to see the first female President of the US come out of the next election, but Kamala Harris wouldn’t be just that, she would also become the first Asian American, first Indian American, first person of Jamaican descent, and second African American to become president. After Donald Trump, that would be truly extraordinary.

Mr Anderson does describe, however, the depressing reality that her campaign isn’t currently living up to expectations. Since her second debate, the polls have been turning against Harris, after Tulsi Gabbard drew attention to Harris’ record as Attorney General, with regard to her positions on parole reform and cannabis. Like Mr Anderson, I sincerely hope she can reinvigorate her campaign in the run up to the primaries; perhaps her impressive debate style will pull her back up the ladder.

I do believe, however, that the general consensus of the Point of Information team this week is that America’s prejudices may get in the way of many impressive candidates who are not the classic straight, male, WASP category, a shameful reality.

Thank you for coming to the party Kamala Harris, you’re here to see Mr Buttigieg – a Conservative response

Over the weeks Mr Anderson and I disagreed on many issues and when I see Mr Anderson’s articles I do worry about his beliefs. However, I am proud to say that I like what I see this week. I admire him supporting Kamala Harris and her debate performance have been strong. Though I do not personally believe she is the best candidate, I am extremely pleased to see that Mr Anderson and I both share a great appreciation to Pete Buttigieg.

Mr Buttigieg is a fantastic speaker as well as a charismatic campaigner. His policies are modern and are most certainly with the times. He is a fresh face in a campaign where there are too many old democrat dinosaurs. Warren, Sanders, and Biden are far too easy candidates to face.

The old school candidates will be demolished by Trump’s tactics of forgetting to talk about the issues. The Democrats must be able to convey that they are on the right side of history and only Mr Buttigieg can make this happen. He is the modern candidate for the modern age and we must therefore forget Kalama Harris. Vote for Pete.  

Straight talking but measured: Warren is the perfect Trump antidote – a Labour article

With all the Brexit kerfuffle that has been dominating headlines over the last few years, it has been easy to forget that there is a US election on the horizon. Given the drama of the 2016 election, which saw Donald Trump elected, the next presidential election promises to be far from uneventful. In the run up to the primaries, eyes are on the Democratic party, which has so far seen a record breaking 27 candidates throw their hat in the ring – 20 currently remain given that 7 have already dropped out. The line-up is diverse with 5 women as well as non-white candidates, in stark contrast with the Republicans. One name, however, stands out: Elizabeth Warren.

A political heavyweight, Warren has been the senior United States Senator for Massachusetts since 2013 after a career as a Harvard Law professor. Never one to mince her words, Warren is clear on some BIG subjects; abortion, the environment, welfare, and corruption. Just this week the politician declared that “Donald Trump is corruption in the flesh”  to a crowd of 20,000 (according to her campaign team). Elizabeth Warren is the candidate the Democrats need to take on Trump: she is straight talking and dynamic, as well as been measured and comprehensive… the perfect Trump antidote.

Given the rumours of Russian interference, dodgy funding, conflicts of interest, and nepotism which have overshadowed the Trump administration, Warren’s anti-corruption agenda will certainly interest the disaffected. Her drive to make politics more transparent was launched on the 16th September, with Warren’s ‘My Plan To End Washington Corruption’. The comprehensive document details her plans to restructure politics, including mandatory tax disclosures, the avoidance of conflicts of interest, and the banning of lobbyists from donating to candidates. Warren may be an established figure in the realm of politics – not the ‘populist outsider’ which is ever so fashionable nowadays – but she is far from a corrupt insider. Her pledges on political corruption make her a breath of fresh air, and a candidate who can bring trust back into politics.

Warren is also a progressive candidate; a characteristic which will be crucial for the democrats. Trump’s climate change denial has resulted in some devastating steps backwards in the fight against global warming, for example his withdrawal from the Paris agreement in 2017. It is also under his administration that funding has been cut to groups providing abortion and contraceptives, a move which has seemed to spark many States to impose harsher restrictions on abortion rights in the US. In the next Presidential election there is the need for a democrat candidate with strong liberal views on these subjects, and Warren is that person.

She has been clear on the environment, recognising the need to act on global warming by cutting the use of fossil fuels. The Senator even introduced a bill called the Climate Risk Disclosure Act that requires companies to release information on their emissions. Time and time again Warren demonstrates that she is not just empty rhetoric, but someone who will work on practical solutions.

On the issue of abortion, she is also crystal clear. Warren is sickened – like most women – at the constriction of abortion rights in recent months, and called on Congress to pass legislation to guarantee abortion and reproductive rights in the US, even if Roe v. Wade fails.

Elizabeth Warren is the democrat candidate that the country needs. Her aim to make Washington more transparent will reignite the public’s trust in politics, and her clear progressive stance on issues like climate change and abortion will surely inspire the support of young voters.

My only doubt lies in whether the US will consider a woman for President, given the continued support of Trump despite various accusations of sexual misconduct. I am also fearful that populism remains deeply entrenched in the electorate, to the extent that ‘traditional politicians’ have no look in. My hope is that Warren’s rejection of Washington’s unscrupulousness is enough to bring support.  

Written by Chief Labour Editor, Isabella Jewell

Point of Information

Warren will be on the right side of history, but now is not the right time for her – a Conservative response

I am very pleased that this week Miss Jewell and I are nearly on the same wave length. Miss Jewell makes a comprehensive and fascinating argument throwing all her support behind Elizabeth Warren. A conservative I may be in the UK yet America is a whole other kettle of fish. Miss Warren views on many issues is one that many Brits can get on-board with. Enhanced rights, strong on abortion and gay marriage Elizabeth Warren is a worthy candidate for the Democrats nominee. However, America may not be ready for a Warren presidency.

What is so upsetting about disagreeing with Miss Jewell is that everything she writes make sense. Yet the problem is she will not beat Donald Trump. Elizabeth Warren is in the same boat as Hillary Clinton in that she is far too easy a challenger for Donald Trump. Though Warren might be on the right side of history in terms of her views, she will not be able to defeat Donald Trump. She is exactly the kind of candidate who President Trump can manipulate and bring down to his level where the talking points are not about policy, but instead just tough rhetoric.

This is why Pete Buttigieg should be the Democrats choice. A political newbie with a different debating style is what is needed to defeat Donald Trump. Elizabeth Warren campaign has come four years too early.

Too many voters see Warren as Hilary 2.0 but her economic policy shows she is much worse – a Liberal response

Warren is the one candidate I hope that doesn’t win. Her reckless remarks and will make it tough to face the onslaught of Republican’s might media empire. She will not and cannot be the democratic nominee and I will explain why.

Firstly, Warren saying that she was of American Indian descendent was reckless. She of course had a ‘DNA test to prove her Native American lineage’ but it is hard to defend her for these comments. The Republican media will focus on this and many will see her as just trying to gain votes. They have lost trust in her, especially the middle ground which view her too much as a Hilary stand in.

Her economic plan is incredibly worrying, proposing such ideas as increasing cooperation tax. This will only make big companies move their HQ to a country with more favourable taxes, losing money for the US economy and also ‘breaking up big tech companies’

Breaking up big tech companies is bizarre and really worrying. Many senators have questioned companies like Facebook and Google, criticising them whilst having no idea how they work and why they work the way they do. Her proposals will cause chaos in the tech community. She is a poor choice Miss Jewell. I can see the appeal, but you must realise she is not the right candidate.

With Americas’s Future at stake we must look to the future, and that future is Pete Buttigieg. – a Conservative article

In 2020 one of the most important elections of modern times will take place and It will be a battle in which the Democrats must win. America will be set on a course for destruction if we allow Trump to continue to be at the helm of the ship. The direction of the Supreme Court is at stake, which would already alter a 5-4 conservative majority. Issues such as race, voting rights, immigration will continue to be heavily contentious and I do not see Trump being the president to fix these issues.

The current front-runner is Joe Biden and I am not a fan. His lack-lustre debate performances should have us concerned for the future and his persona has not been entirely engaging. More importantly, Mr Biden has been recently alleged to have touched certain women inappropriately. This point allows me to ask the question, do we stick with the past or take a risk with the future? Joe Biden is an extremely old candidate and in this political climate I believe he should shut up shop. Mr Biden should throw his support to a younger candidate which will help in uniting his dis-jointed party. So who is this person he should support. Step up Pete Buttigieg.

A graduate of Harvard and Oxford as well as a former naval reserve officer, Pete is your guy. The current mayor of South Bend in Indiana has really grown on me and truly is an exciting candidate. I first noticed Mr Buttigieg when he appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and I was highly impressed. He is able to speak with true clarity and what he says is always interesting. Clearly Pete is an intelligent man but many intelligent men have run for President, so what will give him the edge?

As I said earlier, he is extremely engaging and in a debate against Donald Trump I can see him running rings around the current president. When Mr Trump debated Hillary Clinton he was able to run away from the questions and could spent the debates just throwing out tough rhetoric. The iconic lock her up quote is a prime example. I feel that this will happen again if either Biden, Warren, or Sanders get the job. The Democrat dinosaurs will be taken out by Mr Trump’s meteor, which is a horrifying prospect. This is why they need to allow Pete Buttigieg to take the nomination. His young fresh approach will shock Trump and I do not think he will be able to adapt to it. Mr Buttigieg’s policies are modern, fresh, and are with the times and this is the path the Democrats must take in order to win America back.

Written by Chief Conservative Editor, Jack Kane

Point of Information

Bold choice and I like it! – a Liberal response

I am disappointed in how little I can critique Mr Kane this week. His backing in Pete Buttigieg is one I applaud. Buttigieg is a great candidate and I do hope he will win.

I just want to remind you Mr Kane, please do remember Buttigieg winning is very unlikely and that Kamala Harris, I think is a character you should maybe turn too. They are both very similar in their beliefs, but Harris has a chance of winning. Maybe turning your attention there might be more fruitful in the long run.

Other than you perhaps harsh words of Joe Biden, Mr Kane’s article this week is one in which I have very little to say as I completely agree with every word he has said and I hope he enjoys my praise for this week.

A fresh candidate is needed, but why not Warren? – a Labour response

Mr Kane’s argument against ‘democrat dinosaurs’ is certainly compelling: candidates with baggage, such as Hillary Clinton, are an easy target for Trump’s slogan-based politics. I completely agree that candidates like Joe Biden may also fall victim to such campaigns, having been surrounded by accusations of inappropriate conduct, as well as his role in the Iraq war.

One name I have to contest, however, is that of Elizabeth Warren. Whilst she may be a ‘dinosaur’ in the sense that she is an established politician, she is certainly not a stereotypical ‘establishment’ figure. As argued in my article, she has consistently stood on an anti-corruption platform, calling for greater transparency in Washington, as well as coming to fame for her calls to reign in Wall Street. She is, therefore, the principled breath of fresh air that could withstand Trump. As I also mentioned above, she is not afraid to take the President on, calling him out on his corruption. Mr Kane seems to overlook Warren as a candidate, a position which I would suggest he reconsider.

Mr Kane is right, the democrats need someone fresh – be it Warren or Buttigieg. Maintaining Trump’s presidency would be a horror.

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Isabella Jewell
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