New Liberal Editor means a new team is coming!

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Point of Information has been growing at a stunning rate and so we are adding another team to give you more editors. We are proud to announce that Charlie Papamichael will be a new Liberal Editor writing for us.
Growing up in Switzeland, Charlie will certainly add a new flavour to the ever growing team. The Liberal team now consists of Max Anderson as Liberal Chief Editor and Olivia Margaroli and Charlie Papamichael. Read all about Charlie in his bio below, or follow Charlie on twitter.

Liberal Editor, Charlie Papamichael

I am a second year student currently reading International Relations and Modern Languages at the University of Exeter.
Being a British migrant living in Switzerland, the political scene was not as important to me until high school. European politics has a significant impact on my life, due to my nationality and where I live.
The role of the European Union and its freedom of movement has allowed me to explore the continent with little interference, however I believe that is likely to change. With the complications and lack of understanding of Brexit, I am interested in uncovering its effect on people in my situation.
During my time at university, I have been able to experience a variety of political positions on various topics, and I am always open to listen to counter arguments. I believe that Brexit will create more problems that it supposedly will solve.
This is why I believed that the Liberal Democrats had the right idea in trying to reverse Brexit. This is potentially biased, and it will make my own life more difficult. However, I do believe that greater freedom of movement of goods and people allows for an expansive economy and society.
I do lack experience in British politics, but I believe that this blog will help both myself and the readers to understand the various perspectives on pressing issues that the United Kingdom, and the world, are facing.

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