The Points – Westminster edition (Week 1)


The Points is a new article that will include 5 summaries. To end January, we bring you a updates on; the Labour leadership contest, Brexit, the House of Lords, the Coronavirus and Harry and Meghan in this weeks The Points.

Downing Street, Britain – Deal signed, but far from delivered 

Article of choice: Independent – Brexit: What happens next

On Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed the withdrawal agreement agreed by Parliament, the Queen and EU leaders. This marks the start of the transition period which will last until the end of 2020. This period gives the EU and PM time to discuss a trade deal. This bill does not include a guarantee of the Eramus plan which has upset a number of university students. However, the minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Chris Skidmore said the bill ‘does not prevent the UK participating in the Eruamus program’ post Brexit.

Holborn and St Pancras, Britain – Down to four and Starmer is far ahead

Article of choice: BBC – Who will be Labour’s next leader

We are coming to the end of the leadership bid, as four candidates have stood above the rest. Keir Starmer is ahead according to the bookies, but Rebecca Long-Bailey continues in the fight as more trade unions announce themselves in favour of her. Emily Thornberry and Lisa Nandy are starting to be left behind. It seems that Blairite’s from the Labour party prefer Starmer despite Nandy’s optimistic start.

In other news:

Parliament, Britain – Questions raised over the influence of Lords once again

Article of choice: POI – Is the Lords system broken or is it fine the way it is? 

The House of Lords continues to dominate the news during the month of January. First it was announced that ‘Nicky Morgan and Zac Goldsmith were made peers to continue to serve as Culture Secretary and Environment minister respectively.’ Then Rebecca Long-Bailey announced she wanted to abolish the House of Lords. On Tuesday the House of Lords sent back the Brexit Withdrawal Bill with amendments that where then approved. The question remains – do the Peers deserve this kind of influence when they are unelected?

Edinburgh, Britain – Mixture of panic and calm from experts over Coronavirus

Article of choice: Independent – Coronavirus reaches Europe as UK ‘hunts for 2,000 passengers who recently arrived from Wuhan

There seems to be a mixture of news breaking out about the Coronavirus. In China, 41 people have now died with the virus now having reached Paris. In the UK, panic started to rise as the UK was trying to contact over 2,000 people who could possibly have the virus, but so far most tests have come back negative. Most people in their life have caught a strand of the Coronavirus, however this one is having fatal effects.

Vancouver, Canada – The start of the end for the Royals? 

Article of choice: Guardian – Prince Harry arrives in Canada to join Meghan and Archie

Prince Harry seems to have finally stepped down from his royal duties. He joined his family in Canada on Tuesday reportedly near Vancouver. The family still have a cottege in Windsor and will split their time between Canada and the UK. It will be interesting to see the new role the family plays without their title’s. Meghan has reportedly found work in a new Disney film and we expect Harry to continue with his charity work.

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Written by Liberal writer, Max Anderson

Max Anderson
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