The Points – Westminster Edition (Week 2)


Parties start across  Britain for Brexiteers 

Article of choice: The New York Times – ‘I went to a Brexit Celebration Party’

On Friday, the UK left the EU. For some it was a sombre affair. For others, it was time for celebration. In the EU parliament, Nigel Farage and Ann Widdecombe waved British flags before Nigel Farage’s microphone was turned off by the Chairman. Weatherspoons reduced prices on 12 different drinks by 50% in honour of Brexit and Parliament square was filled with celebrations. Despite the celebrations, I think there is a long way to go.

Starmer moves left to squeeze out Long-Bailey

Article of choice: Guardian – ‘Starmer shifts left in attempt to crowd out Labour contest’

Sir Keir Starmer seems to be the consensus choice to be Labour Leader for most bookies. However, he doesn’t seem content on waiting. He has decided to again back a Jeremy Corbyn policy to try and take supporters away from Rebecca Long-Bailey, perhaps the last candidate who could beat Starmer. In early January, Starmer criticised the free-market model. On Sunday, he built on this embracing Corbyn’s policy to increase taxes on the top 5% of earners.

Will Brexit lead to Indyref2?

Article of choice: Financial Times – ‘Brexit will speed independence, says Nicola Sturgeon’

Brexit has had some awful affects on Britain. The worst is the conflicts it has caused between: class; generations; and immigration. The worst might be the rift caused between Scotland and England. Scotland has benefited a lot of the EU, especially in the revival of Glasgow which was once called the knife crime capital of Europe. Their desire not to leave the EU might eventually mean they leave the UK.

Rachel Riley kicks Katie Hopkins off Twitter?

Article of choice: Independent – Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account suspended

Rachel Riley and anti-racism campaign leader met with Twitter representatives last week, and within 24 hours Katie Hopkins’ Twitter was suspended. Twitter in 2019 made promises to combat hate speech online, stopping political adverts and promising to ban those who break their laws and in 2020 they keep their promise by banning Katie Hopkins. Rachel Riley herself has been challenged for similar behaviour by wearing a questionable t-shirt attacking Jeremy Corbyn during the election last year.

HS2 continues to cause problems

Article of choice: BBC – Government review ‘advises against cancelling’ HS2

On Tuesday, the National Audit Office published an alarming review, saying that HS2 cost increasing rapidly. The report claims it could soon rise over £100 billion. This caused a wave of meetings for the government in an attempt to justify the new railway program. Despite the worries, the government have decided to stick with the project despite a lot of the blame being pinned on Johnson and his cabinet for the rising costs.

Written by Liberal writer, Max Anderson

Max Anderson
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