The Points: Westminster edition (Week 4)


The Points: Westminster edition, is a weekly article summarising the biggest news stories in Britain over the last week. Also included is an article of choice which we believe is the best place for you to learn more about the topics.

And then there were three…

Article of choice: Independent – Labour Leader: Emily Thornberry out of the race after failing to make it on the ballot

On Friday night, Emily Thornberry failed to gain 33 constituencies, meaning she will not progress to the next stage of the Labour leadership race. However, Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Long-Bailey managed to gain enough support after impressive performance during last Wednesday’s debate. Although Thornberry appeared to perform well at the debate, she did not do enough to qualify for the next round.

Cummings makes his mark on Johnson’s government

Article of choice:

  1. BBC – Dominic Cummings and the Battle for Downing Street
  2. Guardian – Javid resigned after Johnson pushed him to sack advisors

Dominic Cummings, one of the masterminds of the Brexit campaign, has made his first major contribution to Johnson’s cabinet. Earlier this year, Cummings made the headlines after calling for ‘wierdos and misfits’ as he began to reshape central government and the civil service. However, his reformation went too far for Chancellor, Sajid Javid. Cummings asked Javid to fire several advisers, which he refused and ultimately resigned from the cabinet.

How the unfortunate death of Caroline Flack could change social media

Article of Choice:

  1. Guardian – ‘We’ve had enough’: Caroline Flack’s death turns spotlight on tabloids once again
  2. Gloucester Live- Gloucester Rugby to raise awareness of mental health at nest game after grieving Danny Cipriani is targeted following death of Caroline Flack

Late last Friday night, Caroline Flack, after a huge amount of pressure from social media and tabloid news outlets, decided to take her own life. The ripple of this tragic death is being felt across Britain. Several politicians and celebrities have taken to twitter with heartfelt tributes and calls to change social media. The most notable, especially in the rugby community, came from Danny Cipriani. He took to twitter asking for change in social media laws and posting a touching tribute to his ex-girlfriend.

First Ciara, now Dennis

Article of Choice: BBC – Storm Dennis: Army called in to help shore up defences

The British storms have only continued this week, as Storm Ciara was replaced by Storm Dennis. Although the South of England has scrapped by with only hail storms and minor flooding, the North has felt the full brunt of the storm. Damage is expected to be higher than £200 million, as the fourth Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland have been sent in to aid civilians.

Tensions build with America of Huawei plans

Article of Choice: Independent – UK decision to let Huawie build 5G network sparks diplomatic row with Australia

Britain appears to be going ahead with plans to allow Huawei to build the UK’s 5G network. Australian MP’s cancelled their trip to the UK over leaks this week, as most seem to be pointing fingers at Huawei. US aides to President Trump are set to arrive in the UK to convince the UK government to block Huawei’s attempt to build the network while foreign Secretary Dominic Raab seems to share ours ally’s concerns. Only time will tell what the government will decide to do.

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