The Points: Westminster Edition – Week 7


The Points: Westminster Edition is a weekly article summarising the biggest news stories in Britain over the last seven days. Also included is an article of choice that we believe best builds upon the topics in The Points if you wish to learn more.

Democrats and Labour have more in common than we think

Article of choice: The Guardian – Labour faces claims members yet to receive leadership ballots

Back in February, Democrats were left red-faced after the chaos of the Iowa caucus. Now, people are wondering if the same could be happening to the Labour Leadership. Last week, Labour MPs noted they had yet to get their ballot papers and worry other members could face the same problem. The problem has been mainly with the 100,000 new members who joined after the election. However, Labour leadership contenders like Lisa Nandy are demanding answers.

As talks start, it seems Brexit is a long way away

Article of choice: Politicshome – Michel Barnier warns of ‘very serious divergences’ between the UK and EU in post-Brexit trade talks

Talks between the UK and EU are not going well. This is only made worse by Brexit preparations already costing the UK £4 billion. There are a number of issues already primed to cause the negotiations to fall threw. Fishing access is likely to lead to a ‘nasty battle’. At the same time, Johnson looks ready to abandon farmers suggesting they are ‘not important’. The UK could even drop its human rights commitments. Whatever happens, Boris is expected to ‘drive a hard bargain’.

Coronavirus update – UK cases number 273

Article of choice: The Telegraph – Coronavirus latest news: UK case count rises by 64 as 273 test positive for the disease

A further 64 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the UK, as tens of thousands are being tested. Supermarkets such as Tesco have started limiting products such as hand sanitiser and dried pasta to five items per customer, in-store and online, in an effort to offset panic buying. China, however, has announced its lowest number of infections in a single day since January, leading to some optimism that the spread of the disease is slowing.

Starmer leaves the prospect of rejoining the EU open

Article of choice: The Guardian – Keir Starmer declines to rule out campaigning to rejoin EU

At a Labour hustings in Dudley, West Midlands, frontrunner Sir Keir Starmer was the only candidate who refused to explicitly say he would not aim to rejoin the EU in the future. With a similar ambiguity towards the European Union failing Corbyn, this seems like a gamble for Starmer. There is no doubt he is aiming to attract the generally pro-Europe young voters. He received huge applause for stating that the decision was up to “our kids“. However, it is unclear how well this stance will go down with those crucial Labour voters that were lost in last year’s election.

Layla Moran announces Lib Dem leadership bid

Article of choice: The Independent – Layla Moran to stand for Liberal Democrat leadership

After the Liberal Democrats’ performance at the 2019 General Election, Jo Swinson announced her resignation as leader of the party. So far, Wera Hobhouse and Layla Moran are the only two candidates applying for the position, but several more are expected to put their name on the ballot. Moran, a 37-year-old MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, has stressed the flaws of the Swinson’s time as leader, claiming that “nine times out of ten,” ordinary people are unaware of what the Lib Dems “stand for.” Voting opens on the 15th of July.

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Written by Liberal Writer, Max Anderson and Labour Writer, Max Ingleby

Max Anderson
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