It’s getting bigger! Exciting announcements from POI!


We are proud to announce a lot of new changes coming to POI to give you more writers, more articles, more opinions and even podcasts!

We firstly start with two new members joining POI!

Alexander Dennis

Alexander joins the Conservative writers, adding a very rational-minded approach to politics. The combination of being a fiscal Conservative while still having Liberal values is an opinion that many of our readers will appreciate! 

Although as he notes it’s not a ‘perfect fit’, he certainly will prove challenging for Liberal and Labour writers and maybe in some instances maybe even prove a tricky customer for his own party?

Read more about Alexander Dennis here.

Sophie Duffield

At POI, we love opinions, but we want to make sure they are as clear as possible for you. That is why we are so glad to announce that Sophie will be joining our ever growing editing team.

Although she will focus on editing, Sophie has a particular interest in forgein affairs. Having been a member of Amnesty International society at university, ‘human rights, equality and freedom ‘ are incredibly important for her and I’m sure we will see her writing an odd article here and there!

Read more about Sophie Duffield here.


That’s right, every Friday will bring you a short podcast on the biggest topic of the week, with our writers going head-to-head to debate the hottest debates. We are sure things will get exciting. Keep your ears out for it!

Site updates

We want POI to be as accessible as possible for you. Therefore, we have done major work on the site to make it easy for you to find the topics and writers that you want! We have added Labour, Conservative and Liberal sections so you can either read the articles you like, or read something that may change your mind. It’s up to you!

More writers? 

The Coronavirus has been a interesting time for all of us. Especially with many of us being students, we know the impact this has had on Summer Internships. However, POI is here to help. POI is looking for anyone who would like to contribute to the page and add a fantastic opportunity to your CV! Whether you want to write, become an editor or work with our marketing and social media team, we are always looking for more people. With POI going big this summer, don’t let Coronavirus ruin yours. Either contact any of our writers or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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