A big boost of writers for the Labour writers this week! Plus a new editor


This Sunday, Labour dominates the new writers joining Point of Information. We have two new writers, and a left swinging Liberal joining. We also have a new editor to make sure that all our articles are easy and accessible for anyone to understand!

Labour writer, Giulia Valentina

Since her political awakening at the Edingburgh Fringe Festival, Giulia has truly been dedicated to politics, especially International Relations. Once pursuing a life in art, the switch to politics gives a certainly interesting political focus.

Her work with Amnesty International certainly puts her in a strong position within Labour. With a centre-left position, I’m sure we will please many Liberals and Labour with her articles, and we can’t wait for her first piece!

To learn more, read Giulia’s bio here

Labour writer, Jack Rolfe

The second Labour writer, Jack, is certainly not the same type of Labour supporter as Giulia. A strong remainer who wants to see Socialist policies enacted may cause some Conservative writers here at POI to shift uncomfortably in their seat, but his ideas about prison reform will certainly be embraced by most.

Jack has worked with both in both the Remainer campaign during brexit, and Labour party during last years election. Despite unfortunate loses in both, he still remains incredibly passionate about his beliefs, and we are sure to see that in his writings.

To learn more, read Jack’s bio here

Liberal writer, Veronica Legiec

In the build up to Veronica joining POI, she could of joined either the Liberal or Labour side. It could of gone either way, but ultimately, she will sit in with the Liberal team. A strong ally for the Labour team, she definitely write articles that will maybe get under the skin of Conservatives more often than most Liberal at POI.

Working with the NHS, it is no surprise to see why she is so passionate about the NHS, and therefore why she has a soft spot for Labour policies. Articles the healthcare are certainly hottly debated topics at POI. Her last line of her bio really stands out; ‘Personally, I like my views to be challenged.’ With constant debate at POI, we can’t wait for her to take on our writers.

To learn more, read Veronica’s bio here

Political editor, Sania Shah

Sania will be a truly excellent addition to POI’s editing team, mainly due to her free-flowing ideology about politics. As she realises, the tiniest difference on the political stage can have major repercussions, and it is that kind of detail that will be amazing for the editing team.

Although she leans left, she is here also to learn and read new opinions as well as improve our writers flow. As a reader and an editor, we have found a truly deadly combo with Sania and are we can’t wait for her to start!

To learn more, read Sania’s bio here

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