Three new Junior writers join POI


Conservative writer, Emily Taylor

Emily is another Exeter student to join the ranks at POI. A PPE student, she is another small C conservative whose main focus is on the stability of the economy. For her economic beliefs, there is no surprise she sits on the Liberal side of the Conservatives.

Despite the fact she comes from a more calm entry to politics, with no fiery debates at the dinner table against her parents, she has still taken to the world of politics and debate fantastically in her short time at POI, and we can’t wait for more to come.

To learn more, read Emily’s bio here

Conservative writer, Dinah Kolka

As we all know, Conservatives now-a-days come from all over the political spectrum. Dinah is certainly a different Conservative to Emily, but with that brings a wave of controversy that has certainly added to POI’s political flavour.

Not too long ago she was a strong remainer and SNP after moving here from Poland, but since has found herself more at home with Brexiteers and Boris Johnson. We have certainly enjoyed her articles so far, and can’t wait to read more.

To learn more, read Dinah’s bio here

Liberal writer, Frank Allan

Having lived in Brunei and Qatar until 2015, it is safe to say Frank had never experienced full on political debate. However, when he moved to the UK, that certainly changed as Frank jumped head first into the heated debates of politics.

A hardcore Liberal, his articles so far have certainly be strong in showing his centre-ground approach. Although, unlike most Liberals or self-proclaimed Neo-Liberals, he certainly understands the threat of his own echo-chamber, and this is why we can’t wait for more articles from Frank.

To learn more, read Frank’s bio here

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