New Senior Writers joining Labour!


You will certainly have seen Abi, Henry and Jack already dominate POI for the past few months, but now we are extremely proud to announce that they will be joining us as Senior Writers! There will be more to come for both Liberal and Conservative, but today POI is red!

Read all the introductions for our new Senior Writers below!

Senior Writer and Political Editor, Abi Smuts

Abi Smuts is our first Senior Labour Writer. Entering into politics a little later than some, Abi only realised her full interest in politics when she had to constantly defend her views to a very Conservative, male-only politics A-level class.

While this may have been a later realisation, Abi is by no means less passionate about politics. Although we’re very happy to have Abi writing for the Labour team, Abi is, in fact, a green voter. With a focus predominantly on the climate emergency and the lack of ethical consumption under globalised neoliberal capitalism, Abi has written some eye-opening articles so far. We can’t wait to read what she writes next!

To learn more, read Abi’s bio here.

Senior Writer, Henry Mckeever

“Left-wing and proud” is how, Henry Mckeever, the second of our new Senior Labour Writers, describes himself. While Henry’s academic focus is in History and Ancient History, he has followed politics closely since the formation of his views in the austerity era. Since, he has gifted his support to the Labour party, his heart warming from the recognition they afford to the working class.

Henry’s fascination with both the past and current political inspirations has made for some fantastic articles so far. We’re very excited to read more!

To learn more, read Henry’s bio here.

Senior Writer, Jack Rolfe

Last, but certainly not least, is Jack Rolfe, another left-wing supporter and our final senior Labour writer. Having a rather “fierce” entry into politics, his campaigning for Britain Stronger and also for the Labour Party consolidated his passion for involvement in politics. Since he has moved to study politics academically.

Jack’s interests lie predominantly with socialist policies in the UK and also police and prison reform. However, he has proved on numerous occasions that he welcomes debates from all parties and writers at POI. We’re excited to see where Jack takes this debate next!

To learn more, read Jack’s bio here.

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