Liberals have two more Senior writers joining!


You will have certainly seen Fergus and Abby dominate POI for the past few months, but now we are extremely proud to announce that they will be joining us as Senior Writers! There will be more to come for both Labour and Conservative, but today POI is yellow!

Read all the introductions for our new Senior Writers below!

Senior writer, Abby Milnes

Standing on the left wing of the Liberal team, Abby is firmly committed to the fight for equality. Abby’s volunteering and studies in Philosophy have shown her that our status quo is fundamentally broken.

Her focus on the humane side of the debate has led to some impassioned articles and responses, from fast-fashion to women in politics to the refugee crisis. Angry at the hypocrisy in politics and eager for reform, Abby’s work at POI has only just begun. With the threat of rising homelessness and an uncertain future, we cannot wait to hear what Abby has to say! 

To learn more, read Abby’s bio here

Senior writer, Fergus Harris

Whilst on the right wing of the Liberal team, Fergus is no fan of our current political situation either. A strong defender of people’s freedom to speak their mind, Fergus has been avidly debating politics since 2016. 

Fergus has combined his love of international politics with rational criticisms of the Conservative government, particularly in his article about Yemen’s Civil War. With some huge events on the horizon, such as the US election, we look forward to hearing Fergus’ views as he continues to express his love of journalism with POI!

To learn more, read Fergus’s bio here

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