Three new Junior Writers joining Labour!


We are very proud to announce that there are three new Junior Writers joining Labour. Marco, Giulia and Freya have been fantastic additions since joining POI, writing strong and extremely interesting articles. We cannot wait to keep seeing more of their articles on POI in the future.

Junior Writer, Giulia Valentina

Giulia Valentina, once a focussed art student, but now a dedicated International Relations and Criminology student, is our next Junior Labour Writer. The critical situation in her home country of Venezuela saw the start of this change and consequently kick-started her interest in politics.

As a centre-leftist, Giulia is predominantly interested in human rights, and the belief that capitalism should not be above the state. As she continues to develop her political stance, we look forward to seeing how she interprets all sides of the debate at POI.

To learn more, read Giulia’s bio here

Junior Writer, Freya Jhugroo

Our third Junior Writer, Freya Jhugroo, first found herself interested in politics in her A-Level year – a year full of political change with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Since, she has moved to study International Relations at degree level, continuing to develop her political opinion.

Freya has already written extensively about her political interests at POI. These are predominantly based around the environment, societal injustices, and foreign affairs. She welcomes the variety of opinions in response to her interests – something POI can definitely offer more of!

To learn more, read Freya’s bio here

Junior Writer, Marco Dryburgh

“More of a contrarian than a contributor” is how our next Junior Writer, Marco Dryburgh, describes himself. While he doesn’t adhere entirely to one particular party line, Marco is sure of what he doesn’t agree with, and has already delved into this since starting at POI.

Academically, Marco studies History and Arabic at the University of Manchester. His year abroad provided a great deal of reflection on his own political opinion. We hope POI can make room for more reflection and “start a conversation” across the political spectrum.

To learn more, read Marco’s bio here

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