Three new Conservatives join POI


We cannot wait for these three writers to join us at POI. Seb, Rebecca and Peter have been fantastic as guest writers, and we are so happy to announce that they will now be joining us at Junior Writers!

Junior Writer, Rebecca Selt

Our first new Conservative Junior Writer is Rebecca Selt. Having already written
some good articles in her first month, Rebecca is one to keep an eye out for. A
passionate writer with an eye for good debate means she is the perfect fit for a POI
As an English and Film student, and with an aspiration to enter Law after university,
Rebecca brings a range of topics into the debate to keep our readers informed. Additionally, as President of the Exeter Jewish Society, Rebecca is keen to open up
the debate about anti-Semitism amongst non-Jewish readers.

To learn more, read Rebecca’s bio here

Junior Writer, Peter Pearce

Next up is Peter Pearce. Studying a combination of Geography and Politics, he too
offers a very different approach. A Tory voter, but not enamoured with all of their
policies, Peter offers a self-reflective, right-leaning view. Peter is also a staunch
Brexiteer, and so will be a handful for some within his own party.
A commonality Peter shares with his colleague George is his deep-seated interest
in the human toll on the environment. Geography is highly political, founded in
ideology and bias, and so makes a fantastic companion for Politics. As humanity
progresses further down the environmental debate, Peter will be an invaluable

To learn more, read Peter’s bio here

Junior Writer, Sebastian Calcopietro

Last but by no means least we have Sebastien “Seb” Calcopietro. An American
element to the Conservative team! Politics differs so much between borders so Seb
is a brilliant addition to add spice to the debate.
As a Republican, whether it be on domestic or foreign policy, Seb’s critique of
President Trump, leader of his own party, is a fascinating read. Studying in the UK
means Seb is no one-trick pony; he is ready for debate wherever possible. An exciting
writer and truly one to follow as he grows at POI.

To learn more, read Sebastian’s bio here

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