More writers join the ever growing Labour team


We are very pleased to announce that Joseph, Zoe and Dominic will be joining our Labour team as Junior Writers. All three have been fantastic writers for POI and we are thrilled that they are joining us in a new, more senior role!

Junior Writer, Joseph Cradick

Exeter graduate Joseph Cradick is our first new Junior Writer for Labour. His time spent studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics is certainly demonstrated in his writing, with his interests in moral philosophy and political psychology offering a unique take on a broad range of topics.

His political support goes faithfully to Labour, largely for economic reasons. We’re looking forward to seeing Joseph explore this further at POI.

To learn more, read Joseph’s bio here

Junior Writer, Dominic Verlaque

Dominic Verlaque has a fairly political background, with his intrigue growing from the imprisonment of his Grandad in the Seychelles. Dominic has since moved to study Politics and International Relations academically and hopes to pursue a career in the Civil Service.

Dominic places himself at the centre-left of Labour, with an appreciation for both sides of the political spectrum. He particularly values political participation, largely enhanced by the 2016 Brexit referendum, and the freedom to debate – something POI certainly provides. We look forward to seeing where Dominic takes this debate next.

To learn more, read Dominic’s bio here

Junior writer, Zoe Olsen-Groome

One of Labour’s newest recruits is Zoe Olsen-Groome, another University of Exeter graduate. Although her academic interest is epitomised by 20th century political history, Zoe is constantly looking to modern inspirations, such as AOC and Akala, to further develop her political opinions.

Zoe’s main interests are mental health, gender relations, and humanitarian crises. Having covered some of these already, we are exciting to see which she chooses to tackle next.

To learn more, read Zoe’s bio here

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