Four New Writers Join the Liberal Team!


Emma Hall, Junior Writer

First up is Emma. Her critical and balanced articles have highlighted the rough spots in our far from perfect system. From tackling the need to abandon referenda to a thought-provoking, multi-article debate arguing for Fixed-Term Parliamentary Acts, Emma sheds fresh light on how Britain and its government can be a better democracy and serve its people more fairly.

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Hannah Rashbash, Junior Writer

Hannah’s more cultural focus seeks to question our often unchallenged societal attitudes through novel perspectives. Her articles have so far targeted the masculinity inherent in fund-raising for Movember, as well as the inaction of Pope Francis. Through reforming our beliefs, Hannah aims to create a more just, liberal and equal society.

To learn more, read Hannah’s bio here

Lucy Severn, Junior Writer

Lucy’s impressive number of articles for POI’s Liberal team have covered key issues facing our country. From school-children facing starvation to unsupported care-leavers, Lucy passionately defends those whom the government and large companies, such as OnlyFans, have chosen to forget about. With a particular focus on education, Lucy’s writing continues to bring our attention to fixing the injustices still in British society today.

To learn more, read Lucy’s bio here

Natasha Tinsley, Junior Writer

Veering away from Britain, Natasha’s articles direct some much-needed focus on the political issues damaging Latin America. Her writing exposes and furiously attacks government corruption, whether it be in Peru, Argentina or Colombia, and highlights the solutions for creating a more efficient system. As Natasha crucially argues, politics should be for the national interest, not just personal ones.

To learn more, read Natasha’s bio here

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