China: World’s Worst Criminal – Conservative Article

China: World’s Worst Criminal – Conservative Article

Just after the Second World War, China was embroiled in a Civil War. Nationalists propped up the Republic of China and the communists supported the establishment of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Ever since, the PRC, with Mao under its belt, has become one of the world’s most dastardly enemies in recent history with above and beyond human rights abuses and gross economic attacks.

Remind yourself, that Britain’s former colony of Hong Kong has had its democratic and human rights being revoked, despite the Sino-British Joint Declaration; irrespective of international condemnation. Come to the modern age, where the PRC has committed mass genocide of Uighur people, established concentration camps, offering free slave labour to the highest bidder.

Read again that COVID-19 originated in China, and – without proper precautions – spread to the world, destroying the world economy except themselves. Why is the British Government, and the rest of the earth, laying back? Not even batting an eyelid over actions worse and equal to what we have seen in history, like Nazi Germany?

The entire world economy – including the local flower shop with plastic pots – has become too reliant on Chinese labour creating their products. Recently, Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, backed out of the early Cold War era ‘Five Eyes Agreement’. To explain; a spying agreement between the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Arden has left in order to distance themselves from the Anglosphere, but so too, in order to get in bed with the Chinese Communist Party in the chance of better trade on goods. This is, without doubt, the greatest betrayal gone under our noses.

Simply, the reason why we’re unable to stop these human rights abuses is that if the United Kingdom, for example, slams down economic sanctions on China, it will also affect the British economy as well. In addition to this, the PRC could just as easily create trade sanctions on the UK. However, given the size of the Chinese economy, this could destroy us.

Over the last two decades, we have seen increased taxes in the west for business, and fewer opportunities to find cheap workforces along with raw materials. Due to this, Mainland China appeared to be the golden idol in the international scheme of achieving marginal profits.

You are likely to read this article using perhaps, a PC, Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet. Though tell yourself, was this made in China? What about the clothes you wear right now? Were they made in a PRC sweatshop?. It is possible. Just about half of what you own has been made in China rather than the land you will live and die on.

Dominic Raab cutting 95% of foreign aid to China – the second-largest economy in the world behind the United States – does not cut the cake. Especially when we consider the collateral damage that we’ve suffered due to this oppressive, bullying regime.

So, what can we do in order to solve the impending and currently active foreign monopolisation flying west? Well, it is far from easy. It begins with businesses having additional freedoms in the workplace and employment. It includes a radically reduced corporate tax rate to encourage business coming to Britain, which would even make Libertarian Economists drop their jaws.

Something we can all do as citizens is to buy British produce. Or even purchasing products from the Commonwealth, Europe, and the United States. It will require perhaps the most nationalistic sentiment in world history. 

If we are being realistic in these endeavours, not even one of them will come to fruition. We too have become complacent in our way of life; rightly so, as we are one of the greatest countries to ever exist. Taxes will not drop this drastically, as it would imply the monetary incursion of the NHS, social services, our Armed Forces, etc. To add, it would destroy any hope of significantly lowering our national debt, which is at a staggering quantity. Nor will we buy mainly British produce, as it will be far more expensive than the cheaper alternatives offered by China.

We can only, therefore, draw the conclusion, good reader, that China has become so powerful, it cannot be held accountable. This brings clarity to the current stature seen in New Zealand: “If you can’t beat them, why not join them?”. Though do not fear, as nothing in life is set in stone; until now.

The last time the United Kingdom matched the Chinese GDP was in 2006, at roughly 2.7 trillion USD. Today, China has a GDP of 14.34 trillion USD – according to the World Bank – compared to the United Kingdom’s 2.8 trillion USD. Other than the United States, the Chinese economy is a goliath compared to all other global counterparts. Japan is just behind China, yet its GDP is 5.3 trillion USD. Quite the gap to say the least. 

In layman’s terms, the United Kingdom has no chance of catching up with the PRC. The Chinese economy has swollen beyond what anyone thought possible, in just under two decades. Also, it is perhaps impossible for the world to combat this growth given how the Chinese Communist Party sees no reason to change such successful policy. Even if it’s the very opposite of communism, proving the futility of Marxist ideas, with the emergence of their economy.

China will continue to commit crimes against humanity. We will remain none the wiser since we have no means to legitimately fight it, other than genuinely fighting it through means of war. This makes China, the world’s worst criminal. We will just have to wait irritably, and find out whether we become subjected. Or not.

Written by Guest Conservative Writer, James King

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“Yellow Peril” Still as Strong as Ever – A Labour Response 

This article is a mess. It blends just a perfect amount of conspiracy, fear-mongering, jingoism and xenophobia to just be downright near unreadable. It’s a shame because while this is not the first article in mainstream western media to use this rhetoric, it certainly makes it harder to legitimately analyse Beijing’s domestic and foreign policy for everyone. It is actually possible to talk about these topics rationally and in a critical sense as my liberal colleague demonstrates.

We are certainly not used to a China that is an economic power as well as an entity that can exert itself on the global stage. For centuries the worlds imperial powers held their proverbial boots on the neck of China. By declaring war on the empire many times,  unequal economic treaties were forced, alongside access to markets and territorial concessions, like our own Hong Kong. This of course had kept China poor and weak for hundreds of years.

However, as they finally grow into their position of world power, it is important to condemn them for the various human rights abuses that they have committed. But we must also ask, what are we doing to uphold these values at home and abroad ourselves? Are our own hands clean of cheap labour?

In our own prisons, companies can hire labourers for full-time work for just £4 a week. Where was the condemnation of our staunch ally when President Trump was separating children from their parents and keeping them in concentration camps? Why do we continue to sell weapons to the Saudis who are using them to hit civilian targets? China is an important focus but to label them as the sole evil in the world distracts us all from the just as real evil that we have committed in our colonial legacy.

Furthermore, the red-faced seething at China for supposedly “destroying the world economy” with COVID is such a tired narrative. COVID may have been discovered in China. However, the moment it arrived in our country it was our responsibility to handle, not theirs. Of course, the Conservatives would love to divert attention away from their utter incompetence that has led to 127,000 deaths in this country. China was not the only country to handle the pandemic properly. Many of our allies such as Australia, New Zealand and South Korea took the pandemic seriously when we did not.

Additionally, the gross comment directed towards Jacinda Arden supposedly “sleeping with the enemy” for backing out of five eyes is sexist in its own right. But it also shows that James doesn’t understand the reality of how trade works in the world. It’s all good saying that our common values and commonwealth ties keep us together. New Zealand, however, is a literal half a world away from us and is obviously going to stick trading with its largest partner closer to it.

As for us, our days of being a manufacturing nation are too far gone by now. The efforts undertaken by Margaret Thatcher and successive governments to destroy working people’s livelihoods are never going to be able to be reversed.

Truth be told, there is no such thing as post-industrial society. We have simply exported our manufacturing to the third world because it is more profitable. We took that choice and this is where we are. Even if we were to buy goods from our partners in Europe or North America, it would still be giving money to countries like China further down the production line.

The Chinese are not out to smash us into economic oblivion. No poorly written metaphor straight out of Mccarthy-ist propaganda would make that true. Quite simply, China was always destined to be a world power. It is rich in resources, quality and quantity of labour, and has incredible internal economic integration. There is simply no way we are going to be able to keep up. 

From a socialist perspective, China has not always been so strict to follow Marxist orthodoxy. Under the principles of Maoism, China allowed some domestic private enterprise in the country to grow its largely agrarian economy, favouring practical wins over some socialist ideals. Equally, China today supposedly allows global private enterprise to aid its growth.

Whether China is continuing under Maoist tradition or has sold out the revolution is another argument entirely. However, it is a fact that the state still owns about 40% of the country’s economy. Moreover, with that wealth, they have pushed through countless welfare and infrastructure projects to lift maybe 100 million people out of poverty. In the UK, the government wouldn’t even pay to feed school children for three months until they were bullied by a footballer online.

Economic sanctions might not even be effective against China. With their vast wealth and resources, I’m sure they could either make whatever the West won’t sell them or find other partners who will buy their goods. China isn’t just some third world nation the West can bully into submission. We are only going to reach an understanding if we treat them as equals. Therefore, we should seek to cooperate with them with sensible and peaceful foreign policy. 

China is a country that 1.3 billion people call home. We can condemn the abuses the Chinese government has committed against innocent people wholeheartedly. However, we must remember that no individual alone is responsible for the crimes of their government.

We may be seeing a shift to a new “yellow peril” as China continues to grow. Something that should also be condemned wholeheartedly. I cannot speak for what the people of China think of their government. But I can speak for the rest of us. Chinese people outside of China, like our peers in university education, and as rich communities in our cities, do not deserve the disgust that we may feel toward the government in Beijing. We must be tolerant, understanding and do everything we can to stop Asian hate.

Written by Junior Labour Writer, Joseph McLaughlin

Our Moral Duty to Sanction China – A Liberal Response

China is truly ruled by an evil government. Jingoistic rhetoric and COVID conspiracy aside, James raises some solid points that highlight how China is one of the most depraved powers on this planet. China’s genocide of the Uighurs, its suppression of liberties in Hong Kong and Tibet, the brainwashing of its citizens, and imperialist expansionism are but a few of its many crimes. We in the West have so far been too weak in denouncing China. It’s time to take action.

We must be absolute. We have to impose a rigid economic blockade on China. Britain cannot be a true freedom-loving democracy when we continue to trade with a nation that slaughters its own people. Undoubtedly, we will suffer economic setbacks, perhaps severe ones in the short term. But our temporary discomfort would be minimal compared to the continual agony the Chinese people suffer under, currently funded in part by our money! We have to fight the good fight.

We will not be alone though. As James points out, we must cement our relations with countries that respect their people’s liberties. Our fellow NATO members are a start, but we cannot forget many of the World’s countries that face China’s economic imperialism. For the latter, we should remember that fair, not free, trade has to be the moral order of the day. Imposing Western economic imperialism through free trade would make us just as detestable as the Chinese government.

If Britain takes the first step, a march in the same direction will soon follow. Our anti-China stance needs some qualifications though. James’ idea of slashing the corporate tax rate would not be wise. We cannot allow our fight against China to devastate our people with the inequality such cuts would bring.

Further, we must make sure our actions are purely directed at the Chinese authorities, not the Chinese people themselves. How hypocritical would it be if, in our attack on a bigoted, racist Chinese government, we end up becoming those same racists and bigots ourselves?!

Britain by itself will not stop China. However, with an international front behind us, we could storm the gates of Hell. It is our moral duty, not just as Britons but as human beings, to end China’s tyranny.

Written by Chief Liberal writer, Frank Allen

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