Two New Junior Writers: One Conservative, One Liberal


We are delighted to announce another two new junior writers for a couple of our ever-growing teams at POI! Oliver Pike and Beccy Reeves will be joining our Conservative and Liberal Teams, respectively.

Junior Writer, Oliver Pike

Oliver’s impressive and abrasive style has been a consistent catalyst for debate. Writing on topics ranging from Scottish Independence to Gun Rights, he’s a conservative’s conservative. Furthermore, as a frequent guest of the podcast, his keen interest for discussion takes multiple forms. A fantastic asset for the conservative team, we are glad to have him.

To learn more, read Oliver’s bio here

Junior Writer, Beccy Reeves

Without a second to waste, Beccy’s articles have called for urgent reforms to our outdated socio-economic policies. Criticizing Britain’s draconian penal system, inadequate social housing, and lack of Universal Basic Income during a brutal pandemic, Beccy stands with those who will be hardest hit during our recession as she advocates for effective change

To learn more, read Beccy’s bio here

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