Saturday, October 16, 2021

Alexander Dennis

Head of Conservative Writers

Hello, I’m Alexander Dennis, and I am going into my third undergraduate year at the University of Exeter. I study Politics & International Relations, with a possible year abroad hanging in the balance. My particular interest in politics really started in early 2016: yes, it was ‘Brexit’. I was at once intrigued, and confused, by something so critical. From that baptism, I have become somewhat addicted to political discussion, intrigued by issues ranging from drugs policy to taxation. So I followed my nose: I applied for a degree in the subject.

Overall, I fall on the conservative side of the debate, although, my precise location is not a fixed one — something of a mix of liberal & fiscal conservatism. My leaning, naturally, feeds into support for the Conservative party, although not a perfect fit. This is not narrow-minded, however: good ideas are good ideas, irrespective of origin. Problems are and will be ever present, yet I believe we should approach them in a ‘conservative’ manner.

I strongly believe that places like POI are crucial in shedding light on important debates, and working toward solutions to our issues. Intellectually rigorous, critical &, respectful conversation — desperately lacking in this age of echo-chambers and sound-bites — is vital if we are to proceed as a society. I am very much looking forward to contribute in the best manner I can.

Pronouns: He/ him