Saturday, October 16, 2021

Beccy Reeves

Junior Liberal Writer

I am currently in my final year at the University of Exeter studying Politics and International Relations.

Admittedly, I never seriously considered studying politics at university until I was in my final year at school. That year in Government and Politics A Level I began to learn about political ideologies how they have evolved over time whilst various new and unprecedented political events were occurring in the background in. It was an incredibly interesting time to be studying politics and all the political upheaval persuaded me to carry on studying it at university. And the closer I get to the end of my degree, the more I think I want to carry on studying politics at a postgraduate level. I am staring to realise that there is never a dull moment politics.

My interest in politics mainly comes from my passion for justice and morality. For me, politics is primarily about people. Governments have the unparalleled power to make the world a better place and yet there is usually little action when it is most in need. Britain is a developed, wealthy nation but it is still plagued with a litany of inequalities, inequities, and injustices. Therefore, I like to focus on theories and ideas that put people first and consider how peoples’ lives can be improved.

However, despite my optimism for the future, I am also a realist. The world is far too messy for there to ever be a ‘perfect’ solution to all the world’s problems. Consequently, I would classify myself as a liberal because, although the ideology is strongly committed to all citizens, it still campaigns to retain a large degree of individual liberty. For a world that is neither black or white but many shades of grey, liberalism offers a more reasoned and complex ideology that puts the happiness and prosperity of the individual at the heart of its doctrine. And why would I not support that?