Thursday, September 23, 2021

Daniel Jones

Junior Liberal writer

I’m a queer loving feminist liberal, enough to make a hard-line conservative have an aneurism. I have been forced to this position having grown up witnessing and experiencing injustice first-hand. Politics sort of came to me, which it does if you are anything but a cis-white-heterosexual man. My life and the way I wanted to live it was unavoidably political, so I may as well get involved.

Forever searching for the perfect euphemism for life, my eutopia is one where injustice is addressed constructively and with consensus, emphasising understanding and acknowledgement of each’s fallibility. My journey through the political spectrum has seen me transition from quiet observer to an outspoken critic when it comes to issues of race, gender and sexuality. My economic ideology centres around a heavily regulated competitive market where all have the opportunity to prosper.

As much as I try to be as concise as possible, I often find myself deep in the weeds of policy with an aim to make it somewhat interesting to read. More than anything I want to elevate and draw attention to issues that are often missed in general discussion. I am also a numbers nerd, who’s dream would be to work for FiveThrityEight, if only I knew how to code…