Thursday, July 29, 2021

Dinah Kolka – Alumni

Moved onto to work for several broad-sheets

My name is Dinah Kolka and I am going into the first year of Journalism at Napier University in Edinburgh. Recently, I graduated from Edinburgh College with an HNC in Media and Communications. This ignited my interest in politics and journalism.

I have been writing my own political commentary for a few months now and I have also contributed to The Speaker Politics in the past. On the political compass, I fit into the libertarian right box and I support the Conservative party. Interestingly enough, I am Polish, and I moved to the UK over 7 years ago, so I have spent a lot of time catching up on both – British history and British politics.

At the time of the Brexit vote, had I been a citizen, I would have voted remain, but over time this stance has changed and due to further research, I stand firmly by the Brexit decision and I am supportive of it. My political affiliations have changed drastically over the recent years, as I started off as an SNP supporter. However, due to broadening my understanding of economics and politics, I realised that my opinions align much better with the Conservative Party and I have to admit, Boris has won me over with his passion for getting Brexit done!

One of my favourite political figures would definitely be Margaret Thatcher. I am plugged into the news all around the clock and I also spend a significant amount of time on watching and reading political commentary. My standard Wednesday morning includes watching PMQs and drinking coffee. I have a very strong interest in British and American politics, and due to my nationality, I also pay attention to social and political issues across Europe. As I feel passionate about art, history, and psychology, these are the subjects I tend to write about too.

I am very excited to join the POI team, as I feel like the political climate in the UK over the recent years has deepened the polarisation between the left- and right-wing. I am quite positive that this platform is the right move towards narrowing the gap between both sides and leads to satisfying and insightful debates.