Saturday, October 16, 2021

Dominic Verlaque

Junior Labour writer

Coming from a fairly political background I was constantly surrounded by debates and diverse opinions.  Learning of my Grandad’s imprisonment in the Seychelles for criticizing the dictatorial government in his newspaper pushed me to engage in the political conversation and become an advocate for human rights. I have built up my political understanding through reading books and articles as well as discussing politics with family and friends. I am currently a second-year student studying Politics and International Relations at the University of Exeter and wish to pursue a career in the Civil Service. 

Although I would class myself on the centre left, I have definitely moved across the political spectrum from classical liberalism to conservatism, but now find my roots in the centre left of Labour. Moving across the political spectrum has given me an appreciation for both sides. This has also taught me to question things, even if they are issues that I side with instead of believing things that one person would preach on a platform like YouTube with no fact checking. One of the things that I value the most from politics is the freedom to debate, something that I know is not apparent in other societies. What I appreciate at Exeter is learning about people’s different political opinions and how they have come to these conclusions from personal experiences. 

The most recent British referendum on our membership in the European Union was something that I followed closely. As I was strongly in support of ‘remain’, I felt powerless as a 16-year-old as I was unable to vote when the majority decided to vote to leave. However, this feeling of powerlessness doesn’t have to be the case even if you are not able to vote you still can stay politically active through other methods. Joining Point of Information is something that I believe, helps get diverse opinions across and opens up the floor for a healthy debate between different sides.

 I’m very excited to join the POI team and look forward to writing my first article focusing on addiction around gambling in the modern day as well as engaging in responses to articles from different perspectives