Saturday, May 15, 2021

Emily Taylor

Junior Conservative writer

I am a first year student reading Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Exeter. After completing my degree, I wish to go on to study Public Policy at a postgraduate level.

Having come from a relatively non-political household, I entered the world of politics a bit later than most avid Politics students at the age of 16. Fiery debates at the dinner table were never something I experienced, so my political understanding was one built in a matter of months as I read almost every book in my Sixth Form library on the discipline.

At first an economics student, my love for politics blossomed as I began to understand how the two intertwined to make effective public policy, or not so effective in some cases! I am enthused by the way such policy can be adapted to both represent and serve the people it governs more effectively.

As for my writing, to be able to capture changes in public behaviour towards current socio-economic issues whilst writing on topics that equally inform and engage people is a challenge that, as an avid journalist, I welcome. I am greatly intrigued by the power of journalism, and thus would hope to one day write for an established company with a large sphere of influence such as ‘The Economist’, or as a Political Editor for a similar business or organisation.

As above, with economics providing the foundations to my political standpoint, I identify as a Conservative.