Saturday, October 16, 2021

Emma Hall

Junior Liberal Writer

My name is Emma and I am in my second year studying English at the University of Exeter. My family always discussed politics, but my real interest in it was sparked when I was 15, arguing with my friends in Maths classes about the EU Referendum, and the opinions and debates never really stopped. It led me to take Government and Politics at A-Level, and almost take it for my degree. The jury is still out on whether I will do a master’s in politics or journalism after my undergrad.

I am passionate about ideas of accountability and politicians answering for what they have done: it’s why I want to go into journalism. To hold a politician’s feet to the fire and ask them what they are doing, can they back it up, who are they working in the interests of? So much of the time we look at our government and ask these questions, with few answers forthcoming. I fear political apathy and what it both means for a person and democracy when we become apathetic about how our government act. If you do not care, and you are not (usually) outraged, you probably aren’t paying enough attention. Power has to be held to account.

I’d place myself on the political spectrum around the liberal centre-left, but regularly shifting around as I learn more. I believe in equality and of strong safety nets for those who need help in our society.  I am also a feminist and am passionate about abortion rights and LGBTQ+ Rights.

Pronouns: she/her