Friday, October 22, 2021

Fergus Harris

Senior Liberal writer

I am a second year student reading History and International Relations at the University of Exeter. After my degree, I am hoping to do a Journalism MA.

My passion for politics and writing comes from my mother, who is herself a journalist. Growing up I would always watch the 10 O’clock news with her, and we would analyse and debate the news together.

But it was studying the British and American political institutions and their history in school that really cemented my love for politics. I relished spending my lessons debating current affairs and following the events of Brexit and the 2016 US election with my teachers and classmates. I vividly remember running from my car to school as Trump was about to give his victory speech and thinking to myself ‘I can’t miss this; history is being made’.

Studying IR at university has opened my mind up to international politics, and this is now more where my interests primarily lie. Discussing world affairs, whether it be the Israel-Palestine situation or the ongoing crisis in Yemen, fascinates me.

With regards to my political leanings, I sit on the centre-right, but my dissatisfaction with the current and recent political leaders means I do not affiliate with any political party. However, this doesn’t stop me from voicing my opinions and weighing into debate. If anything, I feel like this makes it easier for me to look at political issues more clearly and means that rather than being entrenched in my views, I am more open to different opinions.

We are living in challenging, uncharted yet exciting times; the aftermath and reality of leaving the EU, the upcoming US election, the current debate about race and equality, and all of this in the face of a global pandemic. Writing about all of this is going to keep me busier than Donald Trump’s twitter feed, but something I look forward to immensely.