Thursday, September 23, 2021

Freya Jhugroo

Guest Labour writer

Hello, I’m Freya. I am going into my third year at Exeter, studying International Relations and Spanish. My main areas of interest are the environment, societal injustices and foreign affairs.

I am excited to be writing for Point of Information because of its commitment to have a wide variety of opinions included in it. I find it can be very easy to become steadfast in one’s beliefs and not be open to what others think and believe, so I welcome the opportunity to be part of this.

My interest in politics started when I began studying Government and Politics at A level, years which coincided with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. These events not only showed me how unpredictable, decisive and exciting politics can be but also the importance of being engaged in politics and being informed of current events. I hope to bring what I’ve learnt from studying politics at such an interesting time to the POI.

Pronouns: Her/ she