Thursday, September 16, 2021

Henry Mckeever

Senior Labour writer

I am entering the third year of a BA in History and Ancient History at the University of Exeter.  I have a fascination with the past and you would hope so, otherwise I may have chosen the wrong degree. But, writing for POI gives me the opportunity to talk politics which is something I simply can’t avoid.

Left wing and proud, with a focus on human rights and social and economic equality. My political views like many were formed in the austerity era under the Tory governments. It was this policy of cutting essential services many of which were the things that made me proud to be from the UK that drove me towards labour and the left. Recently, the politics of Corbyn, (and in America) Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez have inspired me, by defending the ideals of decency and care for others.

But, along with this focus on progressive social ideas, the underpinning value of Labour that warms my heart is the recognition afforded to the working individual. Society is our most precious concept and it is driven not by the billionaire but by everyone working as one pulling in the same direction. The people that make our society function should be treated with the respect their effort demands.

Pronouns: He/him