Friday, October 22, 2021

Libby Gilbert

Junior Liberal writer
Hello! My name is Libby Gilbert, and I am a third-year undergraduate studying Politics at the University of Exeter. From a young age, I have been passionate about all things political, getting myself into many a controversial conversation that I wish I’d never started. In particular, my grandad – a strong right-winger – sparked my interest in the political system as, throughout my life, he has taught me about the world we live in. Despite the fact that our views have moved in opposite directions, I owe my love for politics to him.
I can totally understand why people may be apathetic toward politics especially given the current political climate, however, whether you like it or not, politics plays a huge role in our daily lives. Political decisions made by those in positions of power directly everything we do, so I believe it is hugely important to get involved and stay informed. On top of this, participating in politics and having your voice heard can feel really empowering.
In terms of my position on the political spectrum, I sit on the centre-right and would classify myself as a liberal-conservative. Fundamentally, this is due to fiscal policy as I advocate for minimal government intervention in the economy. However, given recent polarisation and the fact that equality and justice underpinned the majority of my beliefs, I have found myself moving more toward the centre. I champion the NHS and view it as the beating heart of our country, and I believe that a strong welfare system is essential not only to provide equality of opportunity, but to provide public goods including healthcare, education and social housing.
I’m really looking forward to contributing to POI as platforms that promote diversity of opinion and don’t shy away from the bias present in mainstream media are crucial for open and healthy debate. My hope is that through sharing my perspective, I will open up the conversation and shed light on important issues that people may not be aware of.
Pronouns: She/her