Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Mollie Simpson

Guest Labour writer

I’m a third-year English Literature and French student and freelance writer focusing on left-wing slants on mental health and pop culture, which continues to upset and disappoint my Tory relatives (”overly opinionated, that one’’). Most of my rambling articles, otherwise described as ‘highbrow takes on lowbrow culture’ (Love Island, uni culture, Students’ Union policies, gigs, this quiz reveals how much of a tory you are based on your first-year flat), can be found in The Tab. Other examples of my nonsense work is featured in VICE, Polyphony, The Sunday Times, BBC Radio 5 Live. I’ll be writing about mental health, social policy, feminism, whiteness, student politics, and maybe some outliers along the way.

Pronouns: She/her