Saturday, October 16, 2021

Natasha Tinsley

Political editor

Hi, I’m Natasha! I’m a first-year undergraduate studying Spanish and Italian at the University of Exeter. I also hope to add Portuguese to my degree from second year. I am mainly excited by Latin America, often contemplating the most crucial global challenges and how these play out as problems for social development in the region. I love exploring new cultures and am curious to know what motivates people and what makes them tick.

My experience in Chile last year, living with a native family and working at a local radio station at a period of nationwide unrest, opened my eyes to a population profoundly frustrated with the political class and the institutional system. The jarring conflict between this violent outburst and the country’s typically ‘stable’ reputation has undoubtedly pushed me to better inform myself on the volatility likewise apparent in other Ibero-American states.

Driven to actively engage with all sides of an argument, I find it difficult to identify with a particular party or a single ideology. As part of the team, I look forward to writing about foreign affairs to enhance my interest in journalism, diplomacy, and international relations.