Saturday, October 16, 2021

Oliver Pike

Junior Conservative Writer

I am a law graduate and current real estate student at the University of Aberdeen where I founded the UOA Law Reform Society. I am also the founder and editor at Monolith Media which aims to be the home of honest, unapologetic and sometimes off the wall commentary on the big issues of the day. I also write for The Gaudie and The Broad Online.

My first ever experience of politics was attending a Tommy Sheridan rally at 10 years of age where I was told I would be the future of whatever socialist party he was involved with at the time. At Least they tried…

While I will be writing under the banner of “conservative” my opinions on the Conservative party are mixed and in reality, I would most likely fit somewhere in the libertarian wing of the small c movement. Instead of providing dutiful support to any party, I intend to make my point regardless of official party policy. I feel the party has abandoned its commitment to fiscal responsibility, failed to resist the creeping politicisation of public institutions and been wholly useless in Scotland at a crucial time in its history. It is a party that appears to have accepted the destruction of freedom and liberty in the UK as part of responsible governance rather than a grave evil to be resisted at all costs.

I am a firm supporter of small government, low taxes and a rigorous upholding of civil liberties.I am a passionate free speech advocate and am perturbed by the growth of cancel culture and government instigated censorship. The creeping infringements on liberty should drive anyone to speak up yet many appear willing to throw away their freedoms for very little payoff. Having studied law the true extent of vandalism committed against our constitution, justice system and rights during my lifetime became clear and I see no political party willing to reverse the damage.

I enjoy writing about a wide range of issues and I love debate and discussion especially involving views radically different from my own and look forward to engaging with such views and arguments on POI.