Friday, October 22, 2021

Rebecca Selt

Head of HR and Recruiting

I am a third year student studying English and Film Studies at the University of Exeter. After completing my degree, I will be converting to law to begin my journey of becoming a commercial lawyer. As an avid reader of the Financial Times, I have begun to understand how important the commercial market is in forming global politics.

I grew up attending a liberal Jewish youth organisation, which I absolutely adored. Having grown up in a conservative supporting household I believe that spending time amongst both sides of the fence allowed me to form my own political opinions without being too heavily swayed. I would consider myself centre right on the political spectrum.

As an English and Film student I find that politics is always at the core of the texts that I study. Cinema is extremely political and often aptly reflects political tensions and debates. Since studying Fernando Meirelles’ City of God at A Level, I have been interested in exploring the flaws in criminal justice systems both in the UK and internationally.

I was fortunate enough to be president of Exeter’s Jewish Society, which taught me the importance of cultural and religious diversity. However, it has also exposed how prevalent antisemitism is within society, especially the student body. As a result, I would like to open up conversations about antisemitism amongst non-Jewish readers.

All of these experiences have made me very passionate about politics and I hope to ignite a range of political discussions through my articles!