Friday, October 22, 2021

Sebastian Calcopietro

Junior Conservative writer
Hello, my name is Sebastian or “Seb” and I am currently going into my third year of
studies at the University of Exeter, completing a bachelor’s degree in International
Having been born and raised in Washington, DC, I have always been surrounded by
politics, having lively debates on a daily basis whether it be at school or at the
dinner table. This gave me the unique opportunity to really dive deep into politics
firsthand from a young age and have been quite fortunate to surround myself with
politicians, diplomats, and other prominent figures and drivers of politics.
While I have quite a distaste for the bipartisan system in the US, I most closely align
with the Republican party. My interest in politics intensified with the 2016
Presidential election, when I witnessed a growing polarization in the US. To clarify, I
fundamentally detest Donald Trump. The phrase “fiscally conservative and socially
liberal”, albeit somewhat outdated now, would summarize my beliefs in the most
simplistic manner.
Now more than ever, I believe civilized political discourse is paramount if we wish to
progress into the future. We find ourselves in a milestone of human history and
cannot stress how important it is to educate ourselves and become better informed
about the world we live in as to not find ourselves on the wrong side of history.
Domestic policy as well as foreign policy are two topics that I find extremely
intriguing, especially in the last four years with Donald Trump’s lack of underlying
strategy regarding these two important aspects of politics. Despite this interest, I
strongly disagree with much of Trump’s approach (or lack thereof) to politics.
I look forward to bringing a new and different perspective to POI, and to say I am
excited to share my opinions and articles with you would be an understatement.
Pronouns: he/him