Thursday, September 16, 2021

Sophie Duffield

Chief Political Editor

Hello, I’m Sophie and I’m one of the editors for POI. I’m going into my final year at the University of Exeter studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics.  I am particularly interested in foreign affairs including the politics surrounding foreign aid, international trade and development.

My family has varied views on politics, and since we live in a constituency that can swing between Conservative and the Liberal Democrats, they are known to change their vote based on the current climate. My mother will never tell me who she has voted for, but I believe I can make an educated guess given the debates between her and my father on Brexit.

I believe the ability to change your opinion after being presented with new information is one of the most desirable traits you can have regarding politics. Keynes when accused of inconsistency by a critic once stated, “When the facts change, I change my mind – what do you do, sir?”. I would much rather inconsistency and truth than holding steadfast to a lie.

I do not think my views align with any particular party. I do however have particular concerns currently with underfunding for our public services and the treatment of immigrants post Brexit. From being involved with Amnesty International society at university, human rights, equality and freedom are at the centre of many of my concerns surrounding politics.

I look forward to editing the articles for POI every week, especially when they are strong enough to challenge my own perceptions.

Pronouns: She/ her