What we do

Every debate deserves a reply

The news today is biased across the board. Although most would shy away from this, we embrace it. It is only through this acceptance of biased media can we truly promote civil, healthy and fair debate which we strive to do with every article.

POInt of Information is a news site which takes the biased media that we have today, and turns it into a playground for civil political debate.

You will then find what POI’s main purpose is – the debate. Everything in this segment will be biased, opinionated and involve open debate. Different writers from across the political spectrum have a chance to write and challenge a reader’s way of thinking. These opinion articles will not go unchecked though, as all our political editors will have the chance to not only write their own opinion on a political event, but also produce a short rebuttal, or point of information, to each editor’s article.

Our editors currently represent Labour, Conservative and Liberal (Including Change UK and Liberal Democrats). In the future, we hope to cover more of the political spectrum. If you would like to learn more about our three teams, please visit the ‘Meet the team’ page.

Therefore, we also wish to invite you on every article to write what you think, expanding and building on the discussion! Every article has the comments section open, so please voice your own opinion.

At POI we encourage a diversity of opinions and debates. This upholds that everyone has the right to express lawful views and opinions freely, in speech or in writing. However we would like to state that we have a zero-tolerance policy in relation discriminatory behaviour towards any minority group. 

If you have any questions or wish to apply to join our team, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Thank you for visiting Point of Information, and we look forward to you joining our debate.

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