More writers joining the Liberal team!


You will certainly have seen Libby and Daniel already dominate POI for the past few months, but now we are extremely proud to announce that they will be joining us as Junior Writers! Both will be joining the Liberal team, and we couldn’t be happier!

Junior writer, Libby Gilbert

Engaged with politics from a young age, Libby is a strong believer in both the force of the market and state welfare. Representing the centre-right for many years, Libby is increasingly moving towards the centre as the pandemic and recession unfolds.

Despite only writing for POI for a month, Libby has covered an extraordinary amount. Her thrilling articles and responses have focused on the social problems in politics, from the North-South Divide to the Turkish government’s misogyny. In particular, we cannot wait to see how her thoughts on Trump’s campaign materialise in the run up to the 2020 election!

To learn more, read Libby’s bio here

Junior writer, Daniel Jones

Daniel’s entrance onto the political scene was much more stormy. A victim of the harsh injustices in our country, Daniel committed to the political fight against them. His ardent support of the (heavily regulated) market comes with a strong focus on issues around race, gender, and sexuality.

Similarly to Libby, his short time at POI has seen a large volume of quality writing. Daniel’s passion for numbers comes across in his articles on mandatory vaccinations and furlough alternatives, to name but a few. We cannot wait to see where this passion leads him on the POI team!

To learn more, read Daniel’s bio here

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